David Hayter reprises MGS role in Ford commercial

Remember those long codec calls with Colonel Campbell in the original Metal Gear Solid? Or the forever awesome fight with Psycho Mantis? How could you not?! Well for all the MGS fans, Ford’s newest commercials pay tribute to those wonderful moments.

David Hayter has been the voice of Solid Snake for nearly 20 years. Despite his replacement by Kiefer Sutherland, Hayter is revered for his low, gravelly voice work as gaming’s favorite stealth hero. These two commercials parody scenes from MGS 1: the fight scene with Psycho Mantis, and any of the numerous codec calls with Colonel (reprised by Paul Eiding). Hearing the voice actors talk about the Ford Focus in character is both hilarious and surreal. They even make a subtle jab at Kojima’s penchant for long cutscenes. Even though it’s only for two short commercials, kudos to Ford and Konami for reuniting the man and the voice once more! In the wake of Konami’s dark year, perhaps this reunion could mean something good for the future?

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