Dj CUTMAN – Star Light Zone Remix (Arabian Skies) [2016 Mobius Mix]

Two years ago, GameChops released its monumental Sonic remix compilation album, Spindash. However, one of the tracks on Spindash could not be held to just one album. Dj CUTMAN’s Arabian Skies is back with an updated mix for the Materia collective‘s own Sonic compilation album–Mobius.

The Materia Collective is a new netlabel of organized video game remixers that produce large-scale video game remix albums. You may have heard of their premier album, Materia. GameChops’ very own bLiNd had two tracks on the album: Mark of the Beats and Under the Rotting Shinra.

For Arabian Skies, Dj CUTMAN took the well known Star Light Zone music from Sonic the Hedgehog 1 and turned it from Major to minor. It was completely different than any prior remix of Star Light Zone and it succeeded in creating a new, unique mood for the once familiar tune. This time around, Dj CUTMAN gave his track a fresh glossy coating for its release on Mobius. While it isn’t a different arrangement, there are changes in the percussion and in the mix that have been reworked with higher quality effects and mixing tools.  However subtle the changes may be, they really let track shine.

Download Mobius:

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