Fantasy Grooves – A New Album from Dj CUTMAN

Hey folks, it’s with great pride I present to you my new album Fantasy Grooves, a spiritual successor to my 2012 release WiiU Grooves. Fantasy Grooves takes inspiration from the Nintendo 3DS game Fantasy Life. I hope that these tracks will be a joy to listen to for those who have played the game, and those who haven’t.

This game was a ton of fun for me, it combines Animal Crossing style of world building with a Final Fantasy system of leveling up and story. I sunk countless hours into this game, and was completely enamored by the music, by the legendary composer of the Final Fantasy series, Nobou Uematsu.

The album was produced over the last ten months. I originally planned for this album to be out in the spring, giving myself six weeks to produce. Because I was enjoying this game so much, I really wanted to do the soundtrack justice, and I wasn’t satisifed with the quality of my mixes after that short amount of time. In June of this year, I took another pass at mixing and mastering, but still didn’t feel confidant releasing it. This fall, I picked up some new mixing plug-ins that helped me take the production of Fantasy Grooves to 100%.

The previous installment in my “Grooves” series, WiiU Grooves, was produced in just eight days. WiiU Grooves took a much simplier approaching to the tracks, but had the same fun-loving and laid-back spirit. Because I am so fond of Nobou Uematsu’s compositions in Fantasy Life, I thought it was best to take my time with Fantasy Grooves. I’m glad I did, I feel like this album is a great representation of the quality of mixes I am capable of today.

Fantasy Grooves is available for name-your-price download on my bandcamp page. I also plan to add the album to my Soundcloud and YouTube pages, but for now it will be exclusively on my Bandcamp.

Dj CUTMAN – Fantasy Grooves – Artwork by TinyNeenja and logo by SquarePainter

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