Friday Freakout: CODEX, the first *FULL* length album by Frostbyte, RELEASED!!!

Two years.  A relatively significant amount of time for an individual on this mortal coil (even if it does seem to pass in the blink of an eye!); especially where the creation of an album is concerned. Well, that’s approximately how long it took today’s artist to create his 1st full length album. Of course I’m talking about:

Codex by Frostbyte

Been a fan of this stellar electro/chipstep artist since mid-spring, right about the time he released the excellent Chip for Cancer compilation. Since then I haven’t heard a single track by Frostbyte that didn’t scream quality. Up until this point, however, it was all EPs and compilations. Not anymore. 10 amazing LSDj x2 tracks for your chippy listening pleasure, and not a one of them approaching filler content; ALL noteworthy compositions, which is one of the achievements that Frostbyte was striving so hard for with this album:

“It’s my magnum opus you know? I wanted to make sure that it was going to make a statement, that it was going to be a solid, fully cohesive album; one that there’s no filler tracks, where there’s nothing that makes you want to skip a song.” Frosty goes on to say, “Basically I want it to be more than just an album.  I want it to be a tribute to all that I’ve taken away from my time in the community; I’ve learned so much, met so many people, made so many friends.  I’ve grown so much from the community, and this is my way of giving back.”

Personally, I believe that the extraordinarily talented kid succeeded in this grand endeavor, which is quite the amazing accomplishment. Did I mention that this is his very first full length album?!? =OOOOO Seriously, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite track, and I can always  pick a favorite track!!! (my answer to, “What’s your favorite track, Brandon?” regarding this album is “YES.” ;3 ).

Also, if you can’t afford the $7 price tag for the album, you can download a zip of the entire thing for free  via Mediafire right here. You will, however, miss out on an extraordinary bunch of bonus content that only comes with the purchasable download on Bandcamp. So if you can  buy it, I would strongly suggest that option. ;) Regardless of the way you chose to experience Codex, you’re in for a real treat.


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