Friday Freakout: Daniel Capo’s O.S.T. (i.e. OVERWHELMINGLY SEXY TUNES 8)

I love video game music and chiptunes.  I’m pretty sure that’s not exactly shocking news to anybody at this point. ;3 That said not all too long ago, just a little bit before MAGFest X I think, I discovered a fairly unique combination of the two. Sorta. To be a little bit more specific:

Original Soundtrack

by Daniel Capo.


It’s not technically  a soundtrack to a video game, either from old or new platforms; there’s no actual game associated with this album. What it is is a collection of all “old school”, chiptune, 8bit, retro, etc. styled completely original compositions  written as an homage by the artist to his favorite video games. More or less Daniel “Captain Awesome” Capo (which is the very  fitting nickname that I just now gave him ;3 ) took everything that he loved, all of the wonderful nostalgia and artistry from his favorite video games and their soundtracks, and wrote his own damn album/soundtrack in tribute to such.


And wait until you hear just *HOW* damn well he pulled it off!!  From start to finish, from intro theme to shop music to various level themes to boss fights and even down to ending credits, the album flows to life like an old, top tier NES era game would. I HAVE NEVER WANTED TO PLAY A GAME THAT DIDN’T EXIST SO BADLY IN MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!!  Seriously, I’ve been trying to write these latest articles with a bit more intelligibility and less over-enthusiasm, BUY HOLY BALLS I CAN’T COMMUNICATE HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS ALBUM WITHOUT LOTS OF ALL CAPS AND RUN ON SENTENCES AND CRAPTONS OF ESCAMASHUN PURNTS!!!!!1111!!1!11!1!111!
-takes deep breath, calms down, finishes blurb-
All joking aside, the total level of artistry displayed in this album is hard matched within both the VGM & Chiptune scenes, and not NEAR enough people in either scene know about this guy or the album. And that’s a damn  shame, and honestly it’s one of the reasons that I’m writing this blurb up now some several months after it’s release (dropped in November 2011). More people need to hear it.  
In other words, GET TO LISTENING AND SHARING THE DAMN THING ALREADY!!!!!11!!11!111! ;3 ;D \m|♥|m/

Also, Daniel has an EXTRAORDINARILY beautiful and brand spanking new track on the upcoming Chiptunes = WIN \m|♥|m/compilation, so there’s yet another  reason for you to check that chippy goodness out when it releases! ;D

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