Label Spotlight: Ninety9Lives – Music To Keep You Playing

“Getting great music for videos and streams should be easy.”

This was the goal set out by the six creators of Ninety9Lives, an EDM record label that provides easy, hassle-free music for content creators. They specialize in dance music for the online gaming community, specifically YouTubers and Twitch streamers.

Ninety9Lives (99L) is rather unique in that they offer a license service for both individual tracks and compilation albums.  You can purchase their music from their website by itself or you can purchase the license alongside the track. This license grants you use of that music for the YouTube and/or Twitch account that is specified on your Ninety9Lives account.

The best part about all of this? The License is a one time charge and lasts forever! Once you have purchased that piece of music, it is yours to use in the monetized content you create on YouTube or Twitch. If your content is not monetized, Ninety9Lives music is free to use as long as you credit it properly.

In spite of its specialty, Ninenty9Lives is not just for content creators! Anyone can buy their music through an online store like iTunes or stream it on SoundcloudSpotify, or YouTube

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