Lúcio – We Move Together As One (Andromulus Remix)

Get ready to party like it’s 2012 with GameChop’s latest Overwatch remix! Making his GameChops debut, Andromulus made a fresh Dubstep remix for us–We Move Together As One.


We Move Together As One is a fantastic dubstep track that breathes new life into a genre of dance music that’s moved out of the spotlight over the past few years. Dubstep was once ubiquitous with every popular song and video game melody getting its own dubstep remix. Unfortunately, dubstep attracted a lot of copycat types and soon after hitting the mainstream just about every bedroom producer and their mother was making dubstep, causing the genre to become wildly oversaturated. After the popular dance crowd had gotten their fill of it, they then moved on to the next craze like trap and big room house.

It’s refreshing to hear a dubstep track that has a lot of originality and creativity. One of the best moments of the song is when the track doubles the tempo, moving from dubstep’s feeling of slow two in into the fast four of drumstep. Drumstep mostly follows the same aesthetic principles of sound design as dubstep but features percussion and rhythm patterns that are much more similar to drum and bass music. Andromulus srtuctures the arrangement really well by including more melodic sections containing chopped up vocals to nicely contrast the choruses which are much more reliant on rhythm and sound design.

We think Andromulus did an awesome job with this Overwatch remix. Do you agree? Then get your Free Download and follow Andromulus to show your support

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