Megaman 2 Recreated From Scratch on Sega Master System

In an era where hit games almost always only came on Nintendo or Sega’s 8-bit systems, it was often intriguing to think about what your favorite game would look and sound like had it come out on the rival console. Well, some talented programmers are building the Capcom NES classic Megaman II on the Sega Master system, and so far it’s looking very promising.

Megaman II will always get my vote for the best video game of all time. It has just the right difficulty level, optional strategies and secrets, not to mention some of the best 8-bit music and graphics of all time. I’d love to see how it would have felt on a Sega system from the same era. The Rom and source code are both available for download as the project progresses here at

Capcom has had mostly negative results with porting many classic titles to iOS, including Megaman X.  But with so many home brew developers working on NES, Genesis and Sega Master games, you won’t have to settle for one playing modern ports of your favorites any time soon. We will be keeping our eyes on this and other epic remakes currently in the works.


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