Snowdin Shopkeep Theme (Toni Leys Remix)

The Summer is starting to wind down as we hit the middle of August. Soon the leaves will begin to fall and before you know it, we’ll be looking outside at our own Snowdin. It’s nice to escape the hot sun once in a while so crank up the A/C, grab a blanket, and enjoy Toni Leys’ Snowdin Shopkeep Theme Remix.


You thought we were done with Undertale, huh? Undertale is never done. Except when… well nevermind! Toni Leys is a long time GameChops producer from Argentina. He’s been away for a bit while working on his Relay Bros. project. Some of you newer fans might not remember but he did an amazing remix for Spindash called Dat Egg Tho and you seriously need to listen to it. Toni Leys is well known for his chiptune fusion style. It’s clearly present here in his Snowdin Shopkeep remix. Leys blends in chiptune as well as some funk to create a track that will surely keep your head boppin’ with its mellow yet spirited mood.

Did this track get you moving and grooving? Look below to download and follow once for yes, twice for no.

Download Snowdin Shopkeep Theme (Toni Leys Remix)


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