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8bc collection

For those of you who have been into Chiptune music for a while, you probably remember the website 8bitcollective.com. Plagued with site issues like downtime and a finicky uploader, 8bc held a special place in my heart, it was an incredibly active portal for free chiptune music. Every submission was downloadable, and its where I learned of many of my new favorite artists, included Smiletron, MisfitChris and Electric Children.

At the end of 2010, 8bc went down for good. Luckily, some crafty people took the time to create this: an archive.org collection of every song on the 8bc database. Just over 18GB, this collection is massive chunk of chiptune history, and includes some songs that can’t be found anywhere else. And the best part, this collection is entirely legal under Creative Commons.

For those looking for a new Chiptune fix, check out uCollective, a website started in the spirit of 8bc, with much more attentive developers ;)

Da Chip Vol. II – Daft Punk Revisited on Vintage Game Systems

The DA CHIP project started back in 2008 as an open competition organised on the 8bitcollective website by two french artists, Je deviens dj en 3 jours and Zombectro.

Four years later, the project returns, this time providing an expansive cast of chiptune talent in 13 crunchy chip tracks. From Sabrepulse to Cheapshot, Rushjet1 to Henry Homesweet, Da Chip Vol. II is a diverse and rocking album worthy of any gameboy.
And best of all, it’s free.

Download both albums at DaChip.com

For a full list of artists involved, visit DaChip.com

Je M’appelle – FATE

Chip musician Je M’appelle released a new EP this weekend, entitled FATE. This five track album includes a special track zero (“0 ~ FATE”) which is a mix of all the albums track in one progressive piece. Download the music here.

Show your support for Je M’appelle by commenting on the release thread on 8bitcollective.

Ahead by Je Mappelle

RushJet1 – Forgotten Music

RushJet1 is one of my favorite Chiptune artists. Recently, Ubiktune released Forgotten Music. The album combines the old, the new, and the forgotten music from RushJet1’s past into one album. Several songs have been unfinished for years and have been given a proper ending, while others are re-imaginings of older songs.

“Enjoy listening through these. I know I enjoyed writing them!” — RushJet1.