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Dj CUTMAN to Release Link’s Awakening tribute album “MeowMeow & BowWow” on 8/31

meowmeow and bowwow coverDj CUTMAN has just announced that they will be releasing an “unofficial sort-of-sequel” to the breakout EP Bagu and the Riverman, a tribute to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

The album’s full title is “The Story of Madam Meow Meow & Bow Wow the Dog,” a verbose reference to two NPCs that appear in the town of Mabe in Link’s Awakening.

The album art, designed by Tron Bonne Art, shows the characters jamming with two Legendary Instruments, the sacred artifacts that it’s the player’s quest to find (I’m not sure if Bow Wow is jamming or devouring.) The art also shows the game’s Owl guide and the Wind Fish’s egg, two significant elements to the story of Link’s Awakening.

With almost two years since the original release of Bagu and the Riverman, these two chiptune producers have set the bar high in terms of electronic remix albums. Meow Meow & Bow Wow comes out on August 31st. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Dj CUTMAN is holding a release party at the PhilaMOCA. Check out this Facebook Event for more details.

MAGFest hits the road, baby!!! 8)

The only legitimate gripes that I’ve ever heard about MAGFest are that it’s only once a year & stuck in one location. And those qripes have been quite founded, as they’ve been true up to this point.


Just in case your mind is currently TOO ASPLODY to comprehend what’s happening here, LEMME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YA!! ;D

Starting February 3rd – this coming Sunday night!!! – MAGFest will OFFICIALLY be presenting its first in a series of concerts at the Red7 in Austin, Texas!! For a mere $10 in advance/$12 on the day of, you can snag a ticket to catch this inaugural MAG-tour kickoff, which includes some badass video games, awesome bands, and all in all MAGFESTY GOOD TIMES!! 
Lineup includes the debut of the all(most) new Descendants of ErdrickLords of ThunderUrizenMegaran, & Dr. Awkward!! If you’re ANYWHERE near this indefinable collection of AMAZEBALLS (and hell, even if you’re not!!), I think you know what you need to do…


Much \m||m/ as always,

P.S. Want a little additional motivation to go to this MAG-show and/or any others that may come near you? MAGFest will be judging the response of these shows to scout out potential locations for a full fledged additional MAGFest at some point in the relatively near future.
So yeah. There’s that too. ;)

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Dj CUTMAN featuring MegaRan – The Promise (Halo 4 Remix)

Dj CUTMAN Featuring MegaRan – The Promise (Halo 4 Remix)

Today it’s my honor to bring you a production I’ve been slaving over the past month, a collboration with one of my biggest inspirations, MegaRan.

Listen to the track

Before I get into the backstory, please take a moment and click the heart button on the track.

For those who aren’t famailar with the teacher/rapper/hero, MegaRan is the wordsmith behind my favorite VGM album of all time, Black Materia.

This track is a remix for the upcoming game Halo 4 for XBox360. Microsoft and 343 Studios started and official Halo 4 remix contest, offering up the stems for three of the songs from the game’s soundtrack. When I heard about a game studio doing a remix contest, I dropped everything and got started. I’ve participated in remix contests before, but the fact that a game studio was putting one on seemed to call directly to me.
Internet to Cutman, a game needs remixing!

The instrumental itself I spent over 40 hours on before even playing it for anybody (usually I boast of lightening speed production times, but for this project I wanted to address every detail and fine tune everything). After that first week, I couldn’t stop listening to the remix, but I couldn’t help be feel like it needed a human element. I shot MegaRan a message, who was just about to start a ten day tour of the west coast tour. I had hoped the beat would inspire him to write a verse or two. And that he did, and so much more.

MegaRan came through with two verses and a hook that amazed me; He outlined a soldiers point-of-view in wartime, using folklore from the Halo universe. MegaRan has a gift of tying the game world to real life, and just like in Black Materia he had crafted lyrics that brought Halo closer to reality then I have ever felt before. We spent a couple days sending mixes back and forth and fine tuning the structure of the song. His experience shined through, and it took me back to my days as a hiphop engineer, working with a lyricist to carve out perfect song.

The finishing touches was in a long section of the track with no vocals and orchestral sample chopping. I had marked the section as “The Journey” in my session, I imagined it was the journey from Headquarters to the battlefield, and wanted to communicate that somehow in the song. I visited The Free Sound Project and found a user who specialized in military sound effects. Licensed under Creative Commons, I took genuine military radio chatter and embedded it into the track.

Over a hundred hours later and nearly twenty different mixes, we have what you can now listen. If you like it, please Favorite it on Soundcloud. You can do this by clicking the little heart button on the track. The awesome artwork was done by Tron Bonne. Please take a moment to share the track with your friends.

“The plan is clear and concise, I’ve got to run with it.”
— MegaRan, The Promise

Listen on Soundcloud

GameChops & Groupees present The Triforce Bundle, supporting Child’s Play Charity

UPDATE: Rewards and bonuses have been added! Get an unreleased Triforce of Bass track DEKU DEKU PALACE by dj-Jo!

GameChops and Groupees team up to offer you the new album, The Triforce of Bass and a chance to contribute to charity, all while gaining access to exclusive music.

Announcing the GameChops Triforce of Bass Bundle at http://groupees.com/triforce , officially launching Tuesday August 21, 2012. This digital bundle offers you the new Triforce of Bass album (MP3 & FLAC), a collection of 3 EPs that remix themes from several generations of The Legend of Zelda, as mixed by four unique DJ’s. Mykah is a DJ from Liverpool UK, bringing a tribal, moobah and drum’n’bass influences. dj-Jo is a FL Studio producer from Florida who wilds the heaviest synths and intense drum production. Dj CUTMAN and Spamtron remix and remaster their classic EP Bagu and the Riverman with DJ friendly edits with a new level of clarity in the mix.

Pay What You Want for the bundle, with no minimum, but everyone who contributes $2 or more will also get an unreleased Dj CUTMAN Zelda remix, “The Lost Bagu Beat”. A portion of all contributions to the campaign go to Child’s Play Charity, a game industry organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with toys and games in their network of over 70 hospitals worldwide. If we can work together to reach our goal, all participants will get an unreleased Dj CUTMAN Chrono Trigger remix and a behind-the-scenes video into Dj CUTMAN’s Chiptune recording studio! Not to mention some really cool and unique prizes from GameChops! Check out this special opportunity at http://groupees.com/triforce