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Forest = ВИН!

Здравствуйте! For those of you who don’t speak Russian, Hello! We want to showcase this awesome project between the Chiptunes = WIN and Forest netlabels, Forest = ВИН! (Forest = WIN!)

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Interview: Chiptune’s New Challenger, Nanode and His Killer Nanoloop Debut

Perhaps the most rewarding thing about being involved with the chipmusic scene is seeing new talent emerge from the fold, young minds inspired by those that came before them and ready to prove themselves worthy. Under his new alias, Nanode,  my great friend Sam Sher has done exactly that with Loopy. I was lucky enough to sit down with Sam for an interview, so press play on the album and enjoy as we look inside the mind of a promising up-and-comer:

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Rhythmus Records – A Boston-based Chiptune / Lo-fi Electronica Label

Rhythmus Records, a new Boston­-based record label focusing on lo­fi, chiptune and chip music. The flagship album includes music from international chiptune acts, Fade Runner (Canada), Sugarpunch! (from Holland) and Coco Lowres (Germany). 12 artists are planned to release exclusive EPs starting in winter 2015.

Artists from within the US involve two scenes; Boston 8­-Bit, and the greater American chip scenes including artists, RobotSexMusic and NickelPUNK. Mastering and graphic design came courtesy of Jeremy Highhouse at ViuLab in Portland, Oregon. Look out for up and coming young stars such as New England’s The Unicorn Princess. Kick off parties in Salem, Mass and in Portland, Oregon in Dec and January 2015.

Check out the video for Invisible Robot Hands – Alien:

Download Rhythmus Records label sampler on Bandcamp

8-BITchin’tendo – Lo-fi World

I first discovered 8-BITchin’tendo on MySpace (of all places.) His jams picked me up by my heart and brought to a place full of funky Nintendo riffs. The only thing that hurt was the quality of the MySpace stream, but thanks to NoiseChannel.org, you can download NINETEEN of his tracks for free in any of Bandcamp’s high-quality audio formats! Awesome!

The opening track, Princess Toadstool, is one of those tracks I just can’t shake from my head. When I first heard it, I played it on repeat for over an hour. The whole album is an exceptionally programmed NES masterpiece, with quality recording and an authentic chiptune sound. Released for free under Creative Commons, 8-BITchin’tendo’s Lo-Fi World is not to be missed!