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Flash Man (James Landino Remix)

STOP! It’s time (see what I did there?) to listen to the newest GameChops single–Flash Man (James Landino Remix)

Flash Man (James Landino Remix) Available Now

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DDRKirby(ISQ) – The Ecstasy of Life [Interview]

Long time chiptune artist, DDRKirby(ISQ) gives us his first full album: The Ecstasy of Life. This massive 21-track album is packed with delightful chiptune dance hits and lush, introspective  and features remixes by Flexstyle, WillRock, johnfn, dekune, and EL. Continue reading DDRKirby(ISQ) – The Ecstasy of Life [Interview]

Ben Briggs – Twitch Jams

Twitch Jams is a 31 track compilation of royalty free music by Florida-based producer and chiptune artist, Ben Briggs. This enormous collection of video game remixes and original tunes provides over 2 hours of music perfect for Twitch and Youtube channels. Continue reading Ben Briggs – Twitch Jams

Rushjet1 – Mega Man 3 Remade

It’s rare an album comes along that gets me as excited as this one. Chiptune musician Rushjet1 has re-created the entire soundtrack to MegaMan 3. The result is over 45 minutes of fresh Megaman chiptunes. It must have been a huge undertaking, re-creating over 30 tracks including Wily’s Castle from the Gameboy version, but the result is an epic, wonderful collection from one of my all time favorite Megaman games.
Download it now on Bandcamp at name your price!