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The Rokko Chan Soundtracks

If you haven’t had a chance to play the awesomely deep and surprisingly difficult flash game Rokko Chan, based off the classic MegaMan series, now is the time. Rokko Chan is a fan-made MegaMan game, with key change: the protagonist is a girl. Battle robot masters, gain new abilities, jump, shoot and dash your way to victory. What’s cooler? An epic, 64 track soundtrack/arrangement album with an all-star lineup.

Names like USK, Derris-Kharlan, FantomenK, Inverse Phase, Descendants of Erdrick, Zef, and even myself with help from Spamtron all lended their talents to remixes of Asagen’s original soundtrack for the flash game. Directed by the team at Nubuwo, this mega-sized 64 track Name-Your-Price album is not to be missed. Rokko Chan Soundtracks

Listen on the player below and click through to Bandcamp to purchase or download for free.

Jordan Steven – Dragons’ Odyssey OST

Jordan Steven, know throughout the VGM community as bLiNd, has been producing top-notch video game remixes for years. Best known for his trance remixes on Overclocked Remix, he has just released a new project in a new direction. The Lost Angelic Chronicles of Frane: Dragons’ Odyssey is the original soundtrack to an iOS JRPG. Jordan first soundtrack, Dragons’ Odyssey is truly remarkable, with expressive arrangements in 38 moving tracks. This is a far cry from Jordan’s previous EDM-style game remixes, with expansive soundscapes, moods and instrumentation.

The 38-Track album is available now on Bandcamp


If you’re a big geek like me you’ve always wanted one of these giant saddled fluffbirds as a pet. well grow up, youngster, you’re never gonna get it! the only chance you have of riding one of these things is at an anime convention and that comes with a whole other mess of problems.

One the other hand, you could download all this adorable chocobo music at this awesome website right here. just make it a point to black out next time so you don’t remember anything.


So I don’t know if you noticed but I inadvertently posted two versions of the same FF6 song when I was posting about the Piano Collections last week. So to complete the set here’s Distant World’s version, an exceptionally recorded rendition of the memorable tune i can’t seem to stop posting.

[audio: ff6dw-terra.mp3]