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Voltage – Dj CUTMAN’s Nice Sprite Chiptune Remix

Hai friends. Following up with the three Chiptune covers I posted earlier today is something I spent my whole weekend on: A chiptune remix of Skrillex’s new song, Voltage. Using production techniques similar to my hit Daft Punk – Something About Us remix, including a heavily filtered vocal sample for the original song. I spent a lot of time EQing to get the chiptune sounds to feel “full”, without combatting the vocals or bass instrument I created. As an homage to Skrillex, I have one instance of the synth Massive running in this remix. See if you can pick it out!

I feel like I summed up my feelings pretty well in the Soundcloud description, so here’s a little copy/pasta:

A lot of people rag on Skrillex now that he’s super popular grammy award winning gothic looking twenty something, but something always stuck with me about his songs. Even after the initial “wow-factor” of his trademark dubstep monster sounds wore off, I found myself remembering his melodies. Could it be that they’re actually well-written pieces of music? I took the Skrillex song Voltage and re-created it with Magic 8bit, basic processing in ableton, and a heavy dose of EQ, to create this piece. The harsh and crazy nature of the original dubstep tune is replaced with the light-hearted, optimistic chiptune arpeggios and square lead. An intensely sculpted vocal sample gives the piece context, although I feel it works without.

And the original piece by Sonny Moore, aka Skrillex:

And finally, the piano arrangement I used as a basis for my Chiptune remix was composed by Evan Duffy. Here he is playing his arrangement, which is beautiful.

Finally, the MIDI from Evan Duffy’s cover was programmed by someone who goes by “Tilt”. If you have a passion for rock solid MIDI arrangements ( I mean, who doesn’t?! right guyyz? ; ) check out Tilt’s website.

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The Spriters Resource! Pixel/Sprite Art Like Crazy

The Spriters Resource is a heaven for video game and pixel art. Hundreds of games with character, background and item art isolated perfect for art projects, animation, or websites.

A huge database spanning multiple consoles and generations, The Spriters Resource is unparalleled in depth and meticulously organized. If you’re into sprite art, or creating video game based art yourself, you’ve got to check out The Spriters Resource.

MUSICIANS: Great Advice from IFightDragons

OCRemix tweeted this interview with I Fight Dragons, explaining how they’ve got their 10,000 fans in the past year. They explain the concept of “True Fans,” the most awesome people an artist could hope for.

“…a True Fan is not a possession. It’s a relationship. As such, it grows and changes, and people come and go as you grow, and as they grow and their lives change.”

Very cool insight from the nerdtacular group, definitly worth a read.