The Belly of the Beast: Inside the Game Boy

Are you kept awake at night trying to imagine the inside of a Game Boy? Are you ridiculed by your friends for not knowing what 8-bit actually means? Rest easy, buckos. This video by JackTech dives into the heart of the Game Boy. Envelop yourself in its majesty and find out exactly what makes this revolutionary handheld system tick.

JackTech‘s YouTube channel is only 3 weeks old and it already has almost 25K subscribers! It seems to have come out of nowhere, but “The Game Boy, A Hardware Autopsy” and its subsequent update video, Part 1.5  have received a lot of deserved attention.  The videos are certainly informative and do a great job of explaining the technology behind the Game boy. And as an added bonus, JackTech uploaded separate versions of his videos in Italian! I’m excited to see what’s next for this channel and I hope we’ll see more sweet content.

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