The World Could Always Use More Heroes (Curly Orchestral EDM Remix)

It seems like everyone we know is playing Overwatch! If you aren’t spending hours a day playing it, then you’ve probably seen your friends play it, read about it on social media, or have seen it all over YouTube. With all of that said, GameChops is excited to present our first Overwatch remix–The World Could Always Use More Heroes by Curly.


Today, GameChops is celebrating two premieres. Not only is this the first GameChops Overwatch remix, this is Curly’s first ever music release! Curly is an 18 year old producer from England and is brand new to the scene. And what an introduction to the VGM remix world! Curly produced this track, which was then mixed by bLiNd and mastered by Dj CUTMAN.

Curly pays homage to the original music with his inclusion of orchestral instruments. In the spirit of the Overwatch soundtrack, the track begins triumphantly with full orchestra. But Curly quickly introduces electronic instruments to complement the orchestra. The synths grow alongside the orchestra, building up to the chorus. And by the time the chorus arrives, the track is fully immersed in both electronic and acoustic sounds in a mid-tempo house groove. The music continues with this fusion of sounds and is punctuated by a beautiful closing section predominantly featuring piano.

Curly did a great job kicking off our Overwatch remixes. If you thought so too, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Soundcloud. Remember to get your free download of The World Could Always Use More Heroes!

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