NiGHTS Into Dreams DM Dokuro & Kevin Villecco

We’ve got a new track from DM DOKORO, ‘On The Wings of Dreams’ is a remix of the classic Sega game NiGHTS Into Dreams. Nights into Dreams, considered by many to be one of the best Sega Saturn game of all time is an action video game Sega Saturn released in 1996. Now, DM Dokoro … Continue reading NiGHTS Into Dreams DM Dokuro & Kevin Villecco

Dj CUTMAN + Mega Ran – Up Up Down Down ft. DnD Sluggers

Dj CUTMAN and Mega Ran, with the help of Nerdcore duo DnD Sluggers, bring us an exciting take on a familiar Shovel Knight theme in Up Up Down Down. Available Now    

MAGFest 13 Full Musical Lineup Announced

Protomen, Powerglove, Machinae Supremacy, Yuu Miyake and other huge names ZOMG SO MANY BANDS The 13th annual Music And Gaming Festival is coming up January 23-26, 2015 at the Gaylord National Hotel in National Harbor, MD, and is host to its biggest performer lineup yet! Check out all the great musical acts that’ll be playing:

Pokémon Red/Blue Remix – RobKTA – Cerulean Dancefloor

Cerulean Dancefloor is a Pokémon Red / Blue remix,  originally produced by RobKTA. This EP features a remastered version by Dj CUTMAN and a trap remix from Kevin Villecco. Download now on Loudr, iTunes and Google Play. Download Cerulean Dancefloor now on