Dj CUTMAN + Mega Ran – Up Up Down Down ft. DnD Sluggers

Dj CUTMAN and Mega Ran, with the help of Nerdcore duo DnD Sluggers, bring us an exciting take on a familiar Shovel Knight theme in Up Up Down Down.

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Strike The Earth ft. Kevin Villecco has long been a crowd favorite at GameChops shows ever since it was released in Summer 2014. Thanks to Mega Ran and DnD Sluggers, there is now an original nerdcore rap song based on the instrumental of that track to join it! This song was made for the YouTube channel UpUpDownDown which is run by WWE star Xavier Woods. It’s no secret that Mega Ran is a big fan of wrestling. With Mega Ran’s rapping and DnD Sluggers’ vocals, the finished product is an awesome contribution to both the nerdcore and wrestling communities.

This project was definitely a team effort so go follow the incredibly talented musicians involved and download Up Up Down Down!


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