Big Giant Circles – Imposter Nostalgia

This post is long overdue! Jimmy Hinson, also known as Big Giant Circles, is a BAFTA-nominated music composer, rexmier, gamer, and staff member at Overclocked Remix. He’s best known for his work on BioWare’s epic Mass Effect 2, but this post is about something equality as epic, but in a different direction…

Imposer Nostalgia is BGC’s tribute to the game music of old, utilizing samples and synths to create compelling and energetic ‘fakebit’ chiptune. For those not familiar, ‘fakebit’ is a term for music that sounds like 8-bit, but in reality has many more bits. so many bits! This 20 track album is the cream of the crop of chiptune style compositions, with killer production that exhibits BGC’s expertise for sound design and mixing. Imposer Nostalgia is not to be missed. I digress, on to the music!

The album is available from Bandcamp for $5, or $10 for a hard-copy. Follow Big Giant Circles on Facebook and Twitter.

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