Completely Original NES Game Funded On Kickstarter

You may have heard of Brad Smith for his contribution to 2a03 Puritans comp or his amazing complete cover of The Dark Side of the Moon on a NES cart. Clearly, Brad is all about professional grade, authentic retro experiences on the NES. He’s even written some utilities and modules for Famitracker!

Now, Brad is putting his chiptune and professional game development experience to work on a brand new game for the NES called Lizard. He’s running a Kickstarter here and it’s a project we’d really like to see succeed. Read on for details about the playable demo.

The demo thus far reminds me of Legacy of the Wizard, Metroid and Little Nemo. The video also hints at some different play modes and of course, we can expect quality chip tunes. It just reached its goal, but that doesn’t meant you can’t get in on it in the next few days!


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