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The Best Metroid Games You’ve Never Played

Metroid is a franchise that has a legacy defined by one word: quality. Especially the early years. Rom Hacking one of these games is like covering a famous song – it has to do something new but somehow pay homage to what made the original great. These ones hit the spot, though.

Metroid is not a casual platformer. From day one, it’s been an immersive and serious experience requiring time and dedication. The games often invoke a claustrophobic alien feeling like few others. Check out these games for hours more of xenophobic exploration that’s fresh yet familiar in all the right ways.

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Electric Philly – GAIDEN

Electric Philly 2.0 continues in Philly on September 19th.  This one-of-a-kind event combines an Open Mic for LIVE electronic musicians, indie developers, and a retro gaming lounge!

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RobotLovesKitty Kickstarter For a Multi-Platform Gameboy Like Emulator Using Raspberry Pi

An Indie gaming company, RobotLovesKitty had the amazing idea to combine the Raspberry Pi’s RetroPie emulation project with a 3d printer to create a gameboy-like handheld that will play NES, SNES, Sega, Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, , x86 PC, Amiga, Sega Genesis, Turbo Grafix 16 and about 20 other formats. The Kickstarter still has a few weeks to go but has already reached its goal and the lower tiers are selling out fast! Get yours while you still can!


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Studio Dustmop Releases Star Versus on Physical NES Cart

Studio Dustmop has recently released a amazing 2-player Nintendo Entertainment System on an actual cartridge. The game pays homage to one of the first video games ever, SpaceWar! but will also remind you of its descendant Asteroids. The music by Luke Silas keeps the action in high gear and the plethora of options keep the gameplay fresh. I was really impressed with the pseudo multi-paralax scrolling on some of the stages as well. I like the spaceship’s little short-range sword weapon. Its all kinds of nostalgia playing this game. I am wondering what their next project will be. It’s great to see some developers releasing physical carts once again. This is the first of a few physical cart games that are coming soon, including Brad Smith’s Lizard. Purchase your copy here!


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