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Hey Ladies! LadyHacks 2016 Is April 15-16

Alright ladies (and those who feel comfortable identifying as a lady) it’s that time again: Lady Hacks 2016 is April 15th and 16th. Grab your laptop and prepare a list of your most brilliant ideas.
For the last three years, this two-day fundraiser has been bringing lady programmers, designers, project managers, mentors and beginners together to solve, learn and create. This year’s theme is “Health, Wellness and Self Care.” How does technology interact with and effect your health? How would you like to use technology to take better care of yourself?

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Studio Dustmop Releases Star Versus on Physical NES Cart

Studio Dustmop has recently released a amazing 2-player Nintendo Entertainment System on an actual cartridge. The game pays homage to one of the first video games ever, SpaceWar! but will also remind you of its descendant Asteroids. The music by Luke Silas keeps the action in high gear and the plethora of options keep the gameplay fresh. I was really impressed with the pseudo multi-paralax scrolling on some of the stages as well. I like the spaceship’s little short-range sword weapon. Its all kinds of nostalgia playing this game. I am wondering what their next project will be. It’s great to see some developers releasing physical carts once again. This is the first of a few physical cart games that are coming soon, including Brad Smith’s Lizard. Purchase your copy here!


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