Dj CUTMAN – Girl from the Moon (Magnolia’s Theme) [Bravely Second Remix]

For GameChops’ first release of July, Dj CUTMAN put out his hip-hop remix of Magnolia’s Theme from Bravely Second. Bravely Second is the sequel to Bravely Default which Dj CUTMAN and Ralfington remixed 2 years ago in Remix Default.

Girl from the Moon is a very pretty track with strings, piano, and a chill hip-hop beat to accompany them. The beat lends itself well to the original music and lets the emotional aspect come through without obscuring it. Dj CUTMAN is considering it for an upcoming mixtape so for right now, Girl from the Moon is not yet available for download. Luckily for you, he made this sweet video so you can enjoy listening to the track as much as you want. Be sure to follow Dj CUTMAN and check out his gaming channel, Cutman Plays!

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