Dj CUTMAN Shocks the DJ World by Releasing Tracks Before The Show

A DJ’s tracklist is a closely guarded secret by most. The common criticism of the DJ simply “playing other people’s songs” is as persistent as it is frustrating for the hard working performer. Most DJs avoid this critique by playing newly released or underground remixes of popular songs. The average club goer can recognize the song’s melody, but these tracks different enough that most of the audience assumes the DJ is manipulating the track in some way. Most aren’t. The technical job of a DJ is playing pre-recorded songs in order to create a desired atmosphere, be it a club, lounge, wedding, or rave. The Art of DJing is in the techniques, media, style, and equipment used.

Dj CUTMAN shocked the DJ World today when he released his complete tracklist, for his upcoming performance at KATSUCON. The performance, a Dubstep and Video Game rave, will be held on Saturday. The convention held annually in National Harbor, Maryland. For more information, visit katsucon’s website.


When asked why he was doing this, Dj CUTMAN responded,

“People like hearing songs they know, right? Well why not let them hear the music before the show. All these tracks were downloaded for free from the internet anyway, might as well share the wealth.”


So what do you think about a DJ releasing his tracks online? Let us know by posting a comment below.

5 thoughts on “Dj CUTMAN Shocks the DJ World by Releasing Tracks Before The Show”

  1. I would do the exact same! Thanks Cutman, you’re awesome.

    Also enjoyed your live set at Katsu immensely… not to mention the quasi-afterparty with the MAGFest crew.

    1. Frank – Hey, I fololw your website pretty often and I just had a quick question. By chance do you know what brand of glasses kid color is wearing in the photos? Thanks

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