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Moontone – Gettin’ Crunk In Tha Castle

Fresh out tha bassbins of hell, comes 4 tracks to rip open ya skull and whip that booty into shape. Bring tha 40s, wine (?) and zombie biddies, A Money and T Dog are throwing tha baddest party of them all. Just don’t expect to escape from tha castle alive.

All tracks created by moontone and SKGB using samples from Castlevania 3: Dracula’s Curse and Castlevania 1 NES Sound Format (.nsf) files and custom built and sequenced drum loops and bass lines. Mastering done at Emerald City Studios.

Download on Bandcamp. Released by GameChops.

Spotlight: Mizuki’s Last Chance

Keen ears will recognize Mizuki’s Last Chance as the man behind the opening track of Dubtroplois. As a producer, he creates an unparalleled blend of dubstep and chiptune in his tracks. His mixes are sharp, his samples are crisp, and his drops are filthy. Producing in Reason 5, Mizuki creates a signature sound, aggressive dubstep-style tracks with super clean 8bit leads and arpeggios that fit in flawlessly. I’ve picked a few of my favorite tracks below, and there’s lots more on Soundcloud.

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Watashi Wa Mizuki Desu by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Backlash (MLC Caffeine Fueled Drumstep VIP Remix) by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Bounce by Mizuki’s Last Chance