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Mizuki’s Last Chance – Holy Bleep

There is no one else quite like Mizuki’s Last Chance; He’s a producer from the UK who makes, in his words, “chipdubnbasslectrotoncore,” and that’s not far off. Uncompromising hard electro/dubstep style drums layered seemlessly over melodic chiptune leads and gritty electro basslines and distortion. Holy Bleep is Muzuki’s first EP, but he’s been releasing tracks on Soundcloud and 8bc for years. Back in October VideoGameDJ gave the spotlight to Mizuki.

Follow Mizuki’s Last Chance on Facebook and Soundcloud. And of course, pick up the album on Bandcamp.

Spotlight: Mizuki’s Last Chance

Keen ears will recognize Mizuki’s Last Chance as the man behind the opening track of Dubtroplois. As a producer, he creates an unparalleled blend of dubstep and chiptune in his tracks. His mixes are sharp, his samples are crisp, and his drops are filthy. Producing in Reason 5, Mizuki creates a signature sound, aggressive dubstep-style tracks with super clean 8bit leads and arpeggios that fit in flawlessly. I’ve picked a few of my favorite tracks below, and there’s lots more on Soundcloud.

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Watashi Wa Mizuki Desu by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Backlash (MLC Caffeine Fueled Drumstep VIP Remix) by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Bounce by Mizuki’s Last Chance