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halc & Miearth: When Late Becomes Early

When Late Becomes Early

I enjoy Chiptunes. From Anamanaguchi’s work to Jake Kaufman to the crew over Chiptunes = Win, Chiptunes are a great music genre and like dubstep there are good and bad examples of the genre. halc is an example of an artist who knows how the genre works. Today on Lost in the Music, I will be taking a listen to halc and Miearth’s latest album, When Late Becomes Early.

I feel if music makes you think, then it is doing its job and doing it well. I enjoy it when an album has you become more introspective, thinking about life and the universe. Although the answers I get aren’t what I am looking for, the journey to find the answer is fulfilling. That is what halc and Miearth did with When Late Becomes Early. It has me think, but it also tells a story in its way. The music seems to be something out of a cyberpunk story, except the main character is an average salaryman, not some angst filled hero, bent on toppling some corrupt corporation or government.

When Late Becomes Early does what I feel many Chiptune artist omit from their work and that is making the music atmospheric. Don’t get me wrong, groups like Anamanaguchi and Jake Kaufman are fantastic at their craft, but they don’t have me feel as if I am in the music. With them, I am merely experiencing it while halc and Miearth, draw me into the music. They have me feel as if I am drawn into this cyberpunk world.

It is rare that i get drawn into an album in such a way. While other artists have me visualize a story, it is rare for me to feel as if I am part of the actual world. The last time this has happened was back in 2003 when I first heard the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Through Howard Shore’s work, I felt I was actually in Middle Earth. Ten years later halc would provide the same feeling. 

That is the mark of a great artist.

I have said that in the past that there have been individual songs that have brought me into the world that the artists have made, but that is it. With When Late Becomes Early, it was the entire album that made me feel apart of the world, not just a single song.

Is When the late Becomes Early worth picking up? Yes it is. When the Late Becomes Early is a great album to pick up. halc and Miearth did a fantastic job with this album, successfully weaving both Chiptune and Dubstep together. Very few artists can do that without making the song sound like a distorted mess, but halc is talented enough to know how to make the songs mesh and make them sound good.

I know there are people out there who are getting tired of Chiptunes, but before they give up on the entire genre, I would like to suggest that they give this album a listen to. It draws you into the world and has you become lost within the music.

You can find When the Late Becomes Early over at Bandcamp. I strongly suggest you pick it up.

This is Daimo Mac and I am lost in the music.

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[ Dimensons ] by Auxcide

2720227406-1I first encountered Auxcide shortly after the initial ChipWIN compilation released last summer (has it really  almost been a year already?!?).  The chiptune prowess of both his Pxl-Bot compilation submission & debut album “Of Atoms and Stardust”  impressed me so much that it garnered one of my earlier Friday Freakout reviews (which I miss the fire out of doing, but no time lately!!). Since then Bryan has continued to further develop and grow his artistry into what I feel is one of the premier voices of modern chipmusic. His latest release [ Dimensions ] also via Pxl-Bot (a stellar team-up imho!) is as strong a proof of this opinion as I could possibly even dream to reference. It is straight-up, no hyperbole whatsoever one of the supernova brightest shining examples of the current chipscene.

Seriously, anyone who listens to this & still honestly thinks chiptune is dead can go f*ck a duck.

Much \m||m/ as always,

Friday Freakout: CODEX, the first *FULL* length album by Frostbyte, RELEASED!!!

Two years.  A relatively significant amount of time for an individual on this mortal coil (even if it does seem to pass in the blink of an eye!); especially where the creation of an album is concerned. Well, that’s approximately how long it took today’s artist to create his 1st full length album. Of course I’m talking about:

Codex by Frostbyte

Been a fan of this stellar electro/chipstep artist since mid-spring, right about the time he released the excellent Chip for Cancer compilation. Since then I haven’t heard a single track by Frostbyte that didn’t scream quality. Up until this point, however, it was all EPs and compilations. Not anymore. 10 amazing LSDj x2 tracks for your chippy listening pleasure, and not a one of them approaching filler content; ALL noteworthy compositions, which is one of the achievements that Frostbyte was striving so hard for with this album:

“It’s my magnum opus you know? I wanted to make sure that it was going to make a statement, that it was going to be a solid, fully cohesive album; one that there’s no filler tracks, where there’s nothing that makes you want to skip a song.” Frosty goes on to say, “Basically I want it to be more than just an album.  I want it to be a tribute to all that I’ve taken away from my time in the community; I’ve learned so much, met so many people, made so many friends.  I’ve grown so much from the community, and this is my way of giving back.”

Personally, I believe that the extraordinarily talented kid succeeded in this grand endeavor, which is quite the amazing accomplishment. Did I mention that this is his very first full length album?!? =OOOOO Seriously, I can’t even begin to pick a favorite track, and I can always  pick a favorite track!!! (my answer to, “What’s your favorite track, Brandon?” regarding this album is “YES.” ;3 ).

Also, if you can’t afford the $7 price tag for the album, you can download a zip of the entire thing for free  via Mediafire right here. You will, however, miss out on an extraordinary bunch of bonus content that only comes with the purchasable download on Bandcamp. So if you can  buy it, I would strongly suggest that option. ;) Regardless of the way you chose to experience Codex, you’re in for a real treat.


Friday Freakout: Auxcide is Awesometastic!!!

So just the other day  I was listening to the recently released goodness that is the Pxl-Bot compilation “One Year Later”; it has some stellar chipjams on it worth checking out, no doubt about it (just check out Pxl-Bot in general. IT RULES. ). One of the tracks that I kept returning to, however, was the first track, “Impact” by Auxcide. So I did me some googling of this yet unheard of (by me) West Coast chipper to see what else he had available. AND I FOUND THIS:

Of Atoms and Stardust
by Auxcide

I believe it was just last Friday that I mentioned how much I love pleasant surprises, and this definitely qualifies as another one of those!  Seriously, man, some LSDJx2 goodness right here if I’ve ever  heard it! Epic, spacey, chipsteppy, dancey, gloriously melodic goodness FOR. THE. WIN.  I love the flow, the progression, the energy  of the album (the sequencing is done excellently), and the inclusion of a bonus mp3 of the entire album in one track  for gapless playback really  shows that off (very cool little bonus!). Also, did I mention that Of Atoms and Stardust is his debut album (& it JUST released)???  :OOO -head asplodes- INORITE?!? Auxcide is simply another stellar example of some of the up and coming talent that’s bursting forth into the chiptune scene with a fury of a thousand angry comets (I HAVE FURY!!!!!). Again I say, there is no better time to be involved in chiptunes, as an artist and/or a fan, than right now. More and more crazy, awesome goodness to come, of that much I am certain. At any rate, give this awesometastic duder’s chipalbum of WIN a solid listen as soon as you get a chance (and send the dude some money! He deserves it!! ). OR THE ANGRY COMETS WILL COME FOR YOU.  Or not. But you would miss out on some awesome chipmusic and that’s almost as bad.