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World 1-2: Encore

World 1-2: EncoreWorld 1-2: Encore” is the followup to “World 1-2” that featured top-class videogame composers & arrangers, including Akira Yamaoka (Silent Hill), Manami Matsumae (Mega Man), Keiji Yamagishi (Ninja Gaiden), Austin Wintory (Journey) and many more. “Encore” is one more ride with 14 remixes of some of our favorite games — from Mega Man and Zelda to Sonic and Super Hexagon and plenty others. It’s a celebration of the art & craft of video games.

Unlike the previous album “World 1-2“, this one is all remixes — so it’s easier to digest and enjoy. It retains the same nature of World 1-2: a multitude of genres and styles, mixed together in a playful way.

World 1-2 is a music project directed and produced by Mohammed Taher of Koopa Soundworks. All proceeds generated from this album will go toward funding new projects by Koopa Soundworks. We hope you enjoy this project as much as we enjoyed making it.
-Mohammed Taher

I had the honor and pleasure of producing the original World 1-2 alongside Mohammed for GameChops. Mohammed has relentless attention to detail and a skill for recruiting the very best of the game industry and vgm community. I have high hopes for Koopa Soundworks!

[ Dimensons ] by Auxcide

2720227406-1I first encountered Auxcide shortly after the initial ChipWIN compilation released last summer (has it really  almost been a year already?!?).  The chiptune prowess of both his Pxl-Bot compilation submission & debut album “Of Atoms and Stardust”  impressed me so much that it garnered one of my earlier Friday Freakout reviews (which I miss the fire out of doing, but no time lately!!). Since then Bryan has continued to further develop and grow his artistry into what I feel is one of the premier voices of modern chipmusic. His latest release [ Dimensions ] also via Pxl-Bot (a stellar team-up imho!) is as strong a proof of this opinion as I could possibly even dream to reference. It is straight-up, no hyperbole whatsoever one of the supernova brightest shining examples of the current chipscene.

Seriously, anyone who listens to this & still honestly thinks chiptune is dead can go f*ck a duck.

Much \m||m/ as always,