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Spotlight: Mizuki’s Last Chance

Keen ears will recognize Mizuki’s Last Chance as the man behind the opening track of Dubtroplois. As a producer, he creates an unparalleled blend of dubstep and chiptune in his tracks. His mixes are sharp, his samples are crisp, and his drops are filthy. Producing in Reason 5, Mizuki creates a signature sound, aggressive dubstep-style tracks with super clean 8bit leads and arpeggios that fit in flawlessly. I’ve picked a few of my favorite tracks below, and there’s lots more on Soundcloud.

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Watashi Wa Mizuki Desu by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Backlash (MLC Caffeine Fueled Drumstep VIP Remix) by Mizuki’s Last Chance

Mizuki’s Last Chance – Bounce by Mizuki’s Last Chance

The Legend of Dubstep – A Dj CUTMAN Mix

It’s a mix of the best video game inspired dubstep. ft. Skrillex, Rusko, Datsik, Doctor P and some of the underground’s finest. 22 tracks in 38 eargrinding minutes. please enjoy.
Performed live at BIT GEN GAMER FEST in Baltimore, MD July 20th 2011.
Art by John DeCampos.

Listen and download – http://is.gd/tlods

Dj CUTMAN – The Legend of Dubstep by Dj CUTMAN

Dr. Wily’s Dirty Dubstep Halloween Bootleg

Dr.Wily’s Dirty Dubstep Halloween Bootleg Mix. The mix is as intense it sounds, 40 earpounding minutes of bass warbles and soaring leads to blow your speakers through the roof and off the grid.

Download for free on Soundcloud.