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GameChops Halloween EP!

Happy Halloween from GameChops! To celebrate we’ve released an 8 track compilation album including remixes from Grimecraft, James Landino, and ARival, just to name a few. This EP includes remixes of Castlevania, Street Fighter, and Final Fantasy that were previously unreleased!

There are some dark, hard tunes on this one from some of your favorite GameChops producers! A great Halloween playlist for a party or deep, dark DJ set.

This EP includes ARival: Juri (Street Fighter), CG5: Watch Your Six (Five Nights at Freddy’s), Arcien: The Moon (Ducktales), Cement City: Tetris, Chjolo: Tonberry Takeout (Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles), James Landino: Lavender Town (Pokemon), Mykah: Out of Time (Castlevania), and Grimecraft’s One Wing Angel.

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Fast Five: Oh the HORROR!

Happy Halloween! In honor of the spookiest day of the year, here’s a round up of 5 of my favorite horror games!

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Brentalfloss – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon WITH LYRICS

Brentalfloss, one of the gaming community’s great vocalists, brings us another installment of his “video games with lyrics” series with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon With Lyrics. Hold on tight, and prepare to be horrified with this Halloween hip-hop hit.

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Get Spoopy with DJ Cutman at Electric Philly on Halloween

Next  week, Electric Philly and N3rd Street Gamers brings you a Halloween party featuring a spoopy set by DJ CUTMAN!  The event combines retrogaming and live electronic music in a fun and casual environment.  Located at Devnuts in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia,  the space features multiple gaming stations with a custom collection of horror/monster themed games as well as a 72″ LCD screen with an endless library of games from past consoles and arcade classics!

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