Brentalfloss – Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon WITH LYRICS

Brentalfloss, one of the gaming community’s great vocalists, brings us another installment of his “video games with lyrics” series with Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon With Lyrics. Hold on tight, and prepare to be horrified with this Halloween hip-hop hit.

Like Brent’s original Luigi’s Mansion video, this one features rapping, not something we typically see in Brentalfloss’s videos. Brentalfloss assumes the character of Professor E. Gadd, the wacky, nonsensical inventor of the Mario Universe. He assists characters in various games with his inventions such as F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine or more famously, the Poltergust 3000 from Luigi’s Mansion.

Before breaking out into a  hip-hop beat, the track leads off with an eerie and delicate introduction with voice and glockenspiel. The main part of the track is the melody of Dark Moon accompanined by hard-hitting hip-hop percussion to bolster Brentalfloss’ rap vocals. Dj Cutman lays down the beat for the song as well as handling the mixing and mastering. He programs a masterful beat to support the equally adroit vocals.

The voice work in this song is also fantastic. The intro, in addition to later parts of the song, has a spooky, processed voice that echoes the timbre of the ghosts’ voices in Luigi’s Mansion. While maintaining the feel of E. Gadd’s voice from the video games, Brentalfloss switches out the gibberish E. Gadd is famous for in favor for some witty and slightly raunchy rap lyrics.  The lyrics include plenty of jokes that reference both the Mario Universe as well as pop culture. They certainly don’t pass up the opportunity for some cheeky innuendo.  This may be some of Brentalfloss’ best work yet.

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