Dj CUTMAN Starts an Internet Radio Show: This Week In Chiptune

This-Week-In-Chiptune-Soundcloud-art-UPDATE: You can now Subscribe on iTunes to This Week In Chiptune’s Podcast, the full shows downloaded right to iTunes!

It’s not exactly Radio, Dj CUTMAN has been using the streaming DJ site Mixify to host a live show each week highlighting new music in the chiptune world. There’s been two episodes so far, and while a regular day of the week hasn’t been decided on for the show, the future seems bright for this as a series.

Two episodes of This Week In Chiptune are already available on Dj CUTMAN’s Soundcloud, Mixcloud, PodOMatic and Mixify pages. If you like keeping up-to-speed on what’s happening in the chiptune world, or just like hearing new music, consider signing up for a Mixify account to be notified when Cutman will be streaming next (it’s super fast via Facebook Connect.)

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