Echonest’s Infinite Jukebox Provides Endless Remix Ideas

One of the best tricks for coming up with new melodies or remixing a song is to shuffle its main notes around. Infinite Jukebox from EchoNest does just that, and all inside a handy browser interface.

The system analyzes your track and finds points where the audio “connects” by having the same exact properties, meaning you can splice the two moments together without hearing much a lot of audio clipping or going off beat.
The innovative circular mapping of your song is also a really cool new way to look at your composition. Kind of like seeing into some fifth dimension of how a song’s DNA ties together.

It’s free and a great way to get ideas for remixes or to upload a solo melody track that occasionally returns to the same root notes and hear how it shuffles up the notes. Clicking on Tune gives you an option to raise or lower the level of commonality thats needed in order to establish a link. Put on a Daft Punk song and it will literally shuffle and loop for hours in an endless remix. Definitely a good composition and remixing tool to add to your arsenal.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 3.56.26 PM

A visual representation of moments where audio can be smoothly merged in this excellent track from BKNapp. Click here to hear it remix endlessly.

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