MC Lars and MegaRan Announce Upcoming Album

In case you haven’t already heard: MegaRan announced a new album with MC Lars during a concert in Omaha earlier this month.  MegaRan and MC Lars are currently on tour together. Check out a video of MegaRan making the announcement here:

There have been rumors swirling for a minute that MC Lars and Mega were planning on recording a full album together. But the truth is even better: they’ve already started working on the album. They’ve been collaborating on music and doing guest spots on each other’s song since 2010.

Lars and Mega are currently wrapping up the US leg of their Zombie Dinosaur Tour in San Antonio. Then the Zombie Dinosaur Tour is heading to Australia in April and finally wrapping up at Villain’s Con in Illinois in June. Check out some concert footage from their Brooklyn show here.

There’s no release date or details about the album yet, but we’ll keep you posted.

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