Final Fantasy IX Steam Port breaks the grind with ‘game boosters’

Final Fantasy 9 got its own release on Steam this week. It features updated character models (but not updated backgrounds it seems), updated cutscenes, steam achievements, as well as the unexpected ‘game boosters.’

These boosters (read: cheat codes) include 7 options that allows you to cut down on combat time and get the player more easily involved in the story. The two advertised boosters are ‘high speed mode’ and ‘no encounter mode.’ Clearly these are intended for people who want to relive the story or experience the game for the first time without any long boss fights and time consuming random encounters.

Final Fantasy IX is a fairly linear game, so it’s understandable that players may opt to skip on the random encounters if the game doesn’t focus on the exploration facet of the J-RPG formula. Players seem pretty evenly divided on the idea, but it’s important to remember that these features are completely optional. One can experience the game exactly as it was meant to played in it’s original form.

Buy the game here on Steam.

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