Klang – Rhythm Platformer with Music by bLiNd

Klang, an innovative rhythm platformer from Norwegian developer Tinimations, just had its trailer released. I’m a huge fan of both rhythm and platformers, and this game looks to raise the bar on both. Featuring detailed artwork and tight controls, Klang has already recieved praise for its gameplay. Perhaps the most exciting part of the game is the soundtrack by none other than GameChops remixer and music producer bLiNd.

Klang has been in production for almost two years, with all artwork and programming being developed by Tinimations. It’s been shown at SXSW and SGC to rave reviews. Klang is currently slated for a release in early 2016.

If you’re fixin’ for something before Klang’s release, check out this track from GameChops remix album Spindash.  This is bLiNd’s remix, with artwork by Tinimations.

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