MAGFest Classic

What: Magfest Classic
When: September 11th-13th 2015
Where: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center 5000 Seminary Rd. Alexandria, VA 22311 (703) 845-7662 

MAGClassic is a new event in addition to MAGFest 2016 in February. The aim is to revive the smaller more close knit experience of MAGFest of yore,. Three days of round the clock gaming, concerts including performances by: Super Guitar Bros, Professor Shyguy, You Bred Raptors?, James Landino, Brentalfloss, Zantilla, Sam Mulligan, Radlib, Chipocrite.

Panels by Robert V. Aldrich, Fat Gatsby, Formerly Virtual Fools, OverClocked ReMix, Retroware TV,  and Shark Tree Studios. Tickests are not guarenteed at the door so get on this if it sounds like something you want to go to!

Check out You Bred Raptors? set at MAGFest 8.5

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