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MAGFest Classic

What: Magfest Classic
When: September 11th-13th 2015
Where: Hilton Alexandria Mark Center 5000 Seminary Rd. Alexandria, VA 22311 (703) 845-7662  Continue reading MAGFest Classic

Watch 3 Days of Chiptune Music from Philadelphia’s 8Static Festival

This weekend was Philadelphia’s second annual 8Static Festival featuring some of the best chiptune musicians on the continent. Acts include Gameboy heavyweights Danimal Cannon and Trey Frey, and chiptune pioneers Trash80 and Cheap Dinosaurs. A personal highlight of mine was Radlib, who closed out day one.

Stream the entire festival below, courtesy of the Chip Music Chronicle.

Day 1   ↓

Day 2   ↓

Day 3   ↓

Monday Mixes 3 ( Radlib + Maxo)

A short but special mix this Monday, a pure-chiptune mixtape from Radlib (also known as OxygenStar, among many other aliases). These are some pure .mod files played off two Compaq laptops running Impulse Tracker into a Vestax PMC-37PRO mixer. Long live lo-fi!

01. ADT of Absolute – Scotty
02. Cerror – Atari Close Call 3
03. Daverd – Laid Back in Cairo
04. NAGZ – Slow Motion Breathing
05. lizardking – Art of Chrome
06. Loonie – back2k
07. Jereon Tel – Wave
08. Wire – Prehistoric Tale
09. Vhiiula/Analogik – The Adjectives
10. Sinny – Sky Sunday
11. Norfair – Falling Flakes
12. Decibelter – Where’s Space?


UPDATEMaxx Plus just posted this new mix from Maxo, so I decided to update this post!

0:00 – Seashore – Kazumi Totaka – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins
1:06 – System Configuration – Masanao Akahori – Final Stretch
2:14 – Muteki 22 Gou – Hitoshi Sakimoto – Hourai Gakuen no Bouken!
3:24 – Credits – Daisuke Shiiba – Excitebike: World Rally
5:35 – Flipper Tipper (Hard) – Hirofumi Taniguchi – Snowpack Park
7:00 – Promoted Attack – Motoaki Takenouchi – Shining Force II
7:30 – Change of Ends – Hayato Matsuo – Let’s Smash
7:35 – Midna’s Desperate Hour – Koji Kondo – LoZ: Twilight Princess (Maxo Flip)
9:29 – Half Time – Koji Nakagawa – J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2
9:45 – Mode Select – Koji Nakagawa – J-League Soccer Prime Goal 2
10:16 – Good Fighter – Yuki Iwai, Hideki Okugawa – Street Fighter III New Generation
12:16 – From Birth – Hudson Sound Team (unspecified) – Sonic Shuffle
13:16 – Open Space – Hudson Sound Team (unspecified) – Sonic Shuffle
14:06 – Lightning & Psychic Club – Ichiro Shimakura – Pokémon Card GB
15:24 – Stage 5-3 – Konami Sound Team (unspecified) – Rocket Knight Adventures
16:44 – Lake Side – Shinobu Amayake – Stunt Race FX
18:10 – Select – Naofumi Hataya – Virtua Racing Deluxe
18:52 – Records – Naufumi Hataya – Virtua Racing Deluxe
19:26 – Under Construction (Angry) – Naofumi Hataya – NiGHTS Into Dreams
21:08 – Megalopolis – Soyo Oka – SimCity
22:40 – Flickering (DS Version) – Daisuke Shiiba – MaBoShi’s Arcade
24:12 – The End? – Konami Sound Team (unspecified) – Ganbare Goemon 2 (Maxo Reharm)

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8static is this Saturday, February 9th!! Featuring Doomcloud • Ro-Bear • Ricky Brugal • Cutman • Guybrush

Live chip music preview by emily k feder

Poster design by Cutman
Poster design by Cutman

Melt away that winter chill at 8static on February 9th!! This month we will bring you four amazing performers; all debuting new material live at this show!!

Scene chameleon, Doomcloud, may perform under many different monikers, but this time he will be completely redefining an existing one! Presenting his live debut of all-live hardware, NES dance music, you could almost call this Doomcloud 2.0! Don’t let the name or platform change interrupt your perception of what will be an amazing groove session as we close out the night in style!

Local legend, Ro-Bear, will be bring us some all-new jams this time. Known for producing some of the most elegant and lyrical music on the Gameboy, we can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this show!

Ricky Brugal may be a new name to 8static, but he definitely isn’t a new face. Performing twice before in the past under Da Pantz, Ricky Brugal will making his 8static debut not only with a change in names, but also in style! His musical autobiography has changed pace to reflect his true-life experience and we look forward to seeing his performance!

Philadelphia’s Cutman may be better known for his chiptune and VGM remix work as Dj CUTMAN, but at this show he will be debuting his set of all-original music for the first time at 8static! Don’t be late as he will be opening the performance with his new jams!

Coming all the out from Seattle, we welcome demoscene player, Guybrush on visuals!! Formerly of Northern Dragons demo group, we are honored to have him make his east coast performance debut at 8static!! Aside from visuals, Guybrush will also be hosting our workshop, giving us a demoscene rundown and some examples of his work!

Our after-party upstairs at The Institute Bar down the block will be a special performance by, Dj CUTMAN, temporarily suspending his hiatus to hang with us!! Also don’t forget, as an 8static patron your bill will be 10% off!

8static 32 stickerAdmission will be a sliding scale of $7-$10 & doors are at 7pm. Those that support 8static with a $10 admission fee will receive a special sticker exclusive to this month’s show! Spread the word and get your friends to join us at another amazing 8static at PhilaMOCA!!!

8static on Arecibo radioCan’t make it out to Philly? Listen to the live stream on Arecibo Radio and experience the show as it happens!

RSVP at our Facebook event: Invite your friends here!!