Remember 2015’s biggest gaming moments with Mega Ran

Let’s look back on 2015 for both the good and the bad and celebrate another great year passing to make room for an even better one.

Mega Ran, long-time nerdcore rapper, covers the events of 2015 in both the gaming world as well as his personal life. He talks about all of the shenanigans at Konami, the passing of Iwata, his favorite games this year, his progress as a musician and even his marriage. Frequent collaborators, SkyBlew and K-Murdock, also offer some of their favorite moments of 2015. K-Murdock certainly delivered, as always, with this solid beat for Mega Ran to rap over.

Take a listen to the track up above or here on Soundcloud. Show Mega Ran some love by checking out his other music on his website and don’t forget to purchase his newest album, RNDM, if you haven’t already. (You can read a review of that album written by yours truly right here)

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