RobKTA – Super Sonic Speed (Sonic Mega Mix)

The Sega Super Star himself is back! The Blue Blur, the Master of Speed, the… Handsome Italian? Did you think I was talking about Sonic? Of course not! I’m talking about Gamechops’ resident funk master–RobKTA!

Famous for his landmark album Club Needlemouse, RobKTA brings us another funky fresh Sonic remix. This time, we have a mega mix to celebrate Sonic’s 25th anniversary. RobKTA combines music from Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic Adventure 2 and more! Can you spot all the melodies?

Super Sonic Speed is available for Free Download on Soundcloud. Give RobKTA a follow on there and check out his other music as well. If you want more Sonic remixes, listen to RobKTA’s debut album Club Needlemouse and the Gamechops compilation album Spindash!


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