ROM Hack Round Up: Sega Genesis Fan Translated Platformers

You might think platformers would be easy enough to play without translations, but, many of them have enough plot and internal text elements to get pretty confusing without translation. These two games really have some great innovations for Sega platformers that deserve to be played as they were originally created. Grab these english rom hack translations and check them out!

Dynamite Headdy


For some reason, the North American release of Dynamite Headdy is radically different from the Japanese one. The bosses are unbalanced and difficult in the North American release and there are random changes to the dialogue and artwork. MJET’s translation allows you to see how this awesome platformer was originally meant to be. Its kind of a mystery as to why these changes were made. But the humor and artwork of the Japanese version is definitely worth enjoying in English. The game’s hero has a unique and whacky attack element; he sends his head rocketing towards his enemies. Considering the entire world of Dynamite Headdy is populated with puppets, I guess it’s not that strange.



GameFreak, the team that later brought us Pokemon cut their teeth on some excellent titles that never quite made it to America. One of these is Pulseman. You might feel like you are playing some sort of Megaman romhack based on Sonic the Hedgehog when you play Pulseman. The game has some amazing graphics and levels of the games computer world feel alive with electicity and digital energy. There are cool things like Pulseman being able to convert himself into energy and fly through wires in the levels. It feels like a long-lost Sonic sequel and has a good challenge level and variety.

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