Spamtron – Yeah He Did Fanfic, Bye

Chipmusician Spamtron just released a new album… this morning? I’m not sure, the man himself sent it to me via facebook, and it is awesome. Strong production and composition skills come together in this 8 track album, full of loud and proud chipmusic. From the high energy opening track 4.0 [rebirth/awakening], to the more mellow (but still tough as nails) Olympia [slugs raccoons and bug pets], the album explores a range of compositions while maintaining an upbeat, and somewhat gangster, mood. My favorite track, ctrl_alt_delete [solitudeapathy] is a driving, hard rocking track that I imagine I would put on while I drive my Dodge Charger through a highway of scattered zombies and defunct military equipment. But that’s me.

The closing track is a remix of Zelda’s Gerudo Valley. What’s not to like? What can I say? Spamtron is killing it.

[audio: 07-gerudo-valley-2011.mp3]

Pick up the album for free right here.

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