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Ben Briggs – Twitch Jams

Twitch Jams is a 31 track compilation of royalty free music by Florida-based producer and chiptune artist, Ben Briggs. This enormous collection of video game remixes and original tunes provides over 2 hours of music perfect for Twitch and Youtube channels. Continue reading Ben Briggs – Twitch Jams

Ben Briggs – Mario Kart: Bonus Beach

Ben Briggs - Mario Kart: Bonus BeachIt’s getting cold outside, so heat up with Mario Kart: Bonus Beach! Three toasty tropical Mario Kart remixes to keep you warm, each from a different game. Included is Mario Kart 64 from N64, Super Mario Kart on the SNES and Mario Kart Super Circuit from the GBA, all with seamless transitions for the full “getaway” effect! Mario Kart: Bonus Beach is a continuous video game remix set!

Download Bonus Beach from Ben Briggs

Ben writes:
Special thanks to my beautiful girlfriend Steph, for reminding me that Mario Kart music is wonderful, simply by loving the game and playing it near my ears!


Check out the continuous mix version below, and remember to subscribe to GameChops on YouTube!

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