Ben Briggs – Twitch Jams

Twitch Jams is a 31 track compilation of royalty free music by Florida-based producer and chiptune artist, Ben Briggs. This enormous collection of video game remixes and original tunes provides over 2 hours of music perfect for Twitch and Youtube channels.

Twitch Jams spans several years of Briggs’ career and delivers a playlist tailored for gamers. The variety of video game sources is vast for the remixes and features music from Sonic, Mario, Banjo-Kazooie, Mega Man, Pokemon, Diddy Kong Racing, and Smash Bros. Many of those tracks came from his Briggs Effect series which was a 3-part collection of video game remixes released on his bandcamp. There are also several original compositions that originated from his Patreon project. As a part of his Patreon duties, Briggs makes two original productions every month as well as a “Bonus Beat” remix, chosen by a patron-exclusive lottery. The original compositions allude to various video game franchises and range from hard dance tracks to easygoing songs.

Starting his music career in the OC Remix scene, Briggs has been composing since 2002. His compositional style blends chiptune and house music in an accessible and fun way. Combining both chip and modern synths with dance percussion as well as composing upbeat and chipper tunes, he creates an energetic and blithe style that is quite his own.

Twitch Jams is available on Bandcamp for name-your-price. Follow Ben Briggs for more music and on Twitch for livestreams.


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