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Smooth McGroove Remixed Release Party

On December 9th,  a live stream listening party  / release party for the final GameChops album of the year, SMOOTH MCGROOVE REMIXED, featuring Smooth Mcgroove, will take place on Dj CUTMAN’s Twitch Channel at 5PM PDT / 8PM EDT on Wednesday, December 9th.

Update: Download is live for the album, check it out here!

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GameChops announced Smooth McGroove Remix Album

Slated for release on December 9th, Smooth McGroove Remixed is a remix album of songs by video game’s acapella king, Smooth McGroove. This trailer video features a remix of Sonic the Hegehog 2’s Chemcal Plant Zone. The track was produced by duo Hyper Potions, best known for their releases on Monstercat.

Max Gleason, better known as his stage name Smooth McGroove, is singer and video game music fan, who’s gained a massive following for his acapella versions of video game songs. Learn more on this post by Ben Briggs.

Splatunes: A Splatoon Remix Album from GameChops

Splatunes is a celebration of Nintendo’s new video game SPLATOON! The GameChops “Squid Squad” came together to create this mixtape of remixes and re-imaginations of some of their favorite tracks off of the Splatoon soundtrack.

Download the whole album, name your price, on Bandcamp.