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Slushii releases Brain Freeze EP

Slushii, signed by Monstercat last month has released a 7 track EP “Brain Freeze” as chill as it’s confectionary namesake, this chiptune infused EDM album that is tracking well for the unknown producer. While some of the songs have been previously released together they coalesce into a complete mix taking listeners on a vibed out journey of sonic pleasure.

This album will be a great ace in the hole for your party soundtracks. From the blippy melodies to the solid bass lines this album will have you grooving out all summer long.

You can check out the track ‘Some More’ after the jump.

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GameChops announced Smooth McGroove Remix Album

Slated for release on December 9th, Smooth McGroove Remixed is a remix album of songs by video game’s acapella king, Smooth McGroove. This trailer video features a remix of Sonic the Hegehog 2’s Chemcal Plant Zone. The track was produced by duo Hyper Potions, best known for their releases on Monstercat.

Max Gleason, better known as his stage name Smooth McGroove, is singer and video game music fan, who’s gained a massive following for his acapella versions of video game songs. Learn more on this post by Ben Briggs.

Pegboard Nerds Remix Luigi’s Mansion, Fight Cancer, Are Badasses

EDM powerhouses Pegboard Nerds need no introduction. However, if you’re not familiar, the Danish/Norwegian duo are well known in the scene for being really, really good at producing any genre they want. Perhaps more notable is their signature sound that always includes “aggressive” synths, regardless of the feel of the track. I personally love their music, so naturally when I heard they remixed Luigi’s Mansion– as a reward for raising $30,000 towards breast cancer prevention— I got stupidly excited. I’m gonna strongly suggest that you listen to it right now:

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Pegboard Nerds and Monstercat combine Pixel Art with Pop

Danish/Norwegian producer duo Pegboard Nerds, best known for their releases with Monstercat, have just released a music video for their charity EP, Pink Cloud.

The video is an animated pixel-art adventure as the two producers venture to defeat an evil volcano that turns boobs into monsters… or something. Even after multiple viewings I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I am sure I like it.

Check out the whole Pink Cloud EP from Monstercat, and follow Pegboard Nerds on Twitter