Pegboard Nerds Remix Luigi’s Mansion, Fight Cancer, Are Badasses

EDM powerhouses Pegboard Nerds need no introduction. However, if you’re not familiar, the Danish/Norwegian duo are well known in the scene for being really, really good at producing any genre they want. Perhaps more notable is their signature sound that always includes “aggressive” synths, regardless of the feel of the track. I personally love their music, so naturally when I heard they remixed Luigi’s Mansion– as a reward for raising $30,000 towards breast cancer prevention— I got stupidly excited. I’m gonna strongly suggest that you listen to it right now:

Masterful as always, The Nerds have once again taken something that we know and love and completely destroyed it… and I mean that in the best way possible, of course. With cleverly-implemented samples from the game, some seriously filthy drops and the usual high level of polish that their fans have come to expect, the remix is a transcendent experience for any lover of video game music or EDM. Highly recommended.

Oh! There’s more good news: It’s a free download! Visit, find the “unlockables” section, and click the 30k icon. Good to go! You can (and should) donate to the fundraiser, which is currently just above $33,000. Additionally, all the sales from their fantastic new release, Pink Cloud EP (via Monstercat) will be donated to the cause. Pretty amazing to see a popular musical group using their powers to make a difference in the world. *Some faith in humanity restored!*

You can follow Pegboard Nerds on Soundcloud, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Listen to their Pink Cloud EP right here:

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