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Star Fox Fan Animation Pays Homage to Old Sci-fi Cartoons

If you’re a fan of older cartoons like Mobile Suit Gundam, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, or Battle of the Planets (Gatchaman in Japan) you’ll love this fan adaptation of Star Fox.

A Fox In Space

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Check Out This Animated Tribute TO SNES RPG’s

Jack of all trades, Jason Hendrich created this love letter to SNES RPG’s with music by Dale North. Jason directed, wrote, animated, acted in and conceptualized the short.

“Skarr needs the great weapon Lævateinn in order to protect her people. However it is protected by the mighty Jötunn, a fallen race. Now Skarr prepares for her final battle with the one called Sinmara, the last of the Jötunn, who is quietly mourning the loss of her people.” (Via Youtube)


Check out this impressive short, and Jason’s previous animation after the jump!
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Mettaton vs. Frisk (Animatic)

Haven’t had enough Undertale yet? Neither have we! Watch this awesome animated interpreation of the Mettaton-EX fight by WalkingMelonsAAA

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Pegboard Nerds and Monstercat combine Pixel Art with Pop

Danish/Norwegian producer duo Pegboard Nerds, best known for their releases with Monstercat, have just released a music video for their charity EP, Pink Cloud.

The video is an animated pixel-art adventure as the two producers venture to defeat an evil volcano that turns boobs into monsters… or something. Even after multiple viewings I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I am sure I like it.

Check out the whole Pink Cloud EP from Monstercat, and follow Pegboard Nerds on Twitter