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8-Bit Weezer

Some of you have heard this album before, but a friend emailed it to me again recently and I had forgotten how good some of these covers are. It’s an 8 bit tribute album to Weezer. Here’s Holiday by Anamanagucci

[audio: http://ia360625.us.archive.org/2/items/PTE018/02Holiday.mp3]
And here’s the whole album, and here’s it in ZIP

MUSICIANS: Great Advice from IFightDragons

OCRemix tweeted this interview with I Fight Dragons, explaining how they’ve got their 10,000 fans in the past year. They explain the concept of “True Fans,” the most awesome people an artist could hope for.

“…a True Fan is not a possession. It’s a relationship. As such, it grows and changes, and people come and go as you grow, and as they grow and their lives change.”

Very cool insight from the nerdtacular group, definitly worth a read.